Pezza Galitta, Rosato Puglia IGP

The Pezza Galitta Rosé Puglia IGP from Villa Schinosa is a celebration of the Apulian tradition in producing rosé wines, showcasing the Bombino Nero, an indigenous grape that finds its ideal habitat in the lands of Bari. This blend, enriched by the presence of Aglianico, offers a perfect union between freshness and structure, showcasing the versatility and elegance of Apulian rosés. The careful vinification, respectful of the varietal characteristics, brings to the bottle a wine with a coral pink color, with scents of blueberry and fruity notes that emerge vividly on the nose. On the palate, it presents an impeccable balance between acidity and softness, a freshness that invites another sip. Pezza Galitta is an ideal companion for light appetizers, fresh cheeses, shellfish, and white meats, enhancing each dish with its pleasantness. Served chilled, at 10°-12°C, it reveals all its fullness and becomes a testament to the rich winemaking tradition of Puglia.
Vintage 2022

North of Bari – Contrada Schinosa – Trani at 70 meters above sea level.


70% Bombino Nero, 30% Aglianico


Trained on trellises with the Guyot system on tuffaceous-calcareous soils with a density of 4500 plants per hectare.


Harvest takes place in the first half of September. The maceration of the skins of this variety, with its very light colors, occurs for about 12 hours under cold conditions. After a soft pressing of the pomace, a clear, coral-pink must is obtained. The alcoholic fermentation is carried out with selected yeasts at a constant temperature that does not exceed 15°C.


In stainless steel. Subsequent refinement in the bottle for a period of 1-2 months.


Alcohol: 12.5% Vol
Residual sugars: Traces
Total acidity: 5.6 g/L
Sulfur dioxide (total/free): 95/40 mg/L


Pale pink color, with a scent reminiscent of blueberries and pronounced fruity fermentation notes, the taste is rightly acidic but focused on freshness and smoothness on the palate.


Starters, light and fresh cheeses, shellfish, and white meats. Serve chilled at a temperature of about 10°-12°C.

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