Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Medium Fruity

Superior category Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

0.5-liter bottle.

100% F.S. 17 Variety


Our Medium Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product of the highest quality, obtained exclusively from our FS17 cultivar olive groves, a variety also known as “the fabulous.” The olive groves are located in Trani, in a territory where the proximity to the sea, the mild climate in every season, and the particularly fertile soil, allow us to obtain the highest quality raw materials that reach the final consumer’s table directly. The oil we obtain is rich in volatile substances, “aromas” with herbaceous hints of freshly cut grass, pleasant fruity flavor, artichoke aftertaste, and an immediate indication of the richness of polyphenols.

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