Nero di Troia, Rosso Puglia IGP

The Nero di Troia Red Puglia IGP from Villa Schinosa encapsulates the historic soul and oenological richness of North-Central Puglia, offering a sensory journey back to ancient times. This grape variety, linked to the legends of Troy and introduced to Italy during the Hellenic era, finds in the lands of Villa Schinosa the ideal terrain to express its magnificence fully. Nero di Troia presents a deep ruby red color, enriched with orange and purple hues that prelude a bouquet of violet and black fruit, with a lightly spiced touch. The vinification, mindful of tradition yet open to innovation, and maturation in Slavonian oak barrels, give this wine a full structure, an enveloping body, and well-balanced tannins, all completed by a surprising softness. Perfect with intense dishes such as red meat roasts, game, and aged cheeses, Nero di Troia is an invitation to rediscover the authentic flavors of the Puglian land, to be enjoyed in moments of sharing, served at the ideal temperature of 18°/20°C.
Vintage 2020

North of Bari – Contrada Schinosa – Trani at 70 meters above sea level.


100% Troia Grapes


Troia grapes vineyards trained on trellises with spurred cordon on rich, clayey, and predominantly calcareous soil with a density of 4500 plants per hectare.


Harvest takes place at the end of October. Maceration lasts 10-12 days to achieve maximum extraction of aromatic and coloring substances. Frequent pumping over for oxygenation with constant fermentation temperatures.


After several months in vitrified concrete tanks, the wine matures in 35 hL Slavonian oak barrels. Subsequent refinement in the bottle for a period of 3-6 months.


Alcohol: 13% Vol
Residual sugars: 2 g/L
Total acidity: 5.1 g/L
Sulfur dioxide (total/free): 85/20 mg/L


Intense Ruby Red color with light orange and purple nuances. Clear scent of violet and black fruit. Slightly spicy, full-bodied, rightly tannic, and soft on the palate.


Suitable for rich-flavored foods, red meat roasts, game, and aged cheeses. Recommended to uncork at least 30 minutes before serving, preferably at a temperature of 18°/20°C.

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