Moscato di Trani, DOP

Villa Schinosa’s Moscato di Trani DOP is the emblem of Apulian winemaking excellence, a sweet wine that encapsulates centuries of history and tradition. This grape variety, likely of Greek origin and spread throughout the Mediterranean, finds in Trani, with its specific Controlled Designation of Origin obtained in 1987, an ideal habitat thanks to calcareous soils and a microclimate that enhances its peculiarities. The care in cultivation and vinification, with a process of drying on the vine and controlled temperature fermentation, creates a Moscato with a bright golden color, citrus notes, and a broad and harmonious fragrance. The taste is rich and complex, with an aftertaste that brings the freshness of sea breezes and a persistent almond scent. Perfect as an aperitif with spicy cheeses or as the conclusion of a meal alongside dry pastries, Moscato di Trani DOP is served chilled, at 10°/12°C, to fully appreciate its extraordinary range of flavors.
Vintage 2020

North of Bari – Contrada Schinosa – Trani at 70 meters above sea level.


100% Moscato Reale DOP – Trani


Moscato grown in fog. 57 plot 18-19-30 for a total area of 2.33 hectares, behind the company winery. Trained in espalier with spurred cordon on basically tuff-limestone soils with a density of 4500 plants per hectare.


Real Trani Moscato grapes are left to wither on the plant for about a month until mid-October, then harvested and vinified. The grapes are destemmed and after 24 hours of cold maceration, the pure must fermentation starts at a controlled temperature of about 16°C. After the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation is complete, the wine is filtered and stored in the company’s cellars awaiting bottling, not before March 1st following the harvest, as required by the Moscato di Trani DOP regulations.


In stainless steel. Subsequent refinement in the bottle for a period of 1-2 months.


Alcohol: 14.5% Vol
Residual sugars: 89 g/L
Total acidity: 5.2 g/L
Sulfur dioxide (total/free): 95/30 mg/L


Bright golden color. Intense citrus notes with a broad and harmonious Moscato fragrance. Full flavor with a slightly salty aftertaste influenced by sea breezes. Persistent almond aroma.


Pairs very well with spicy cheeses as an appetizer and with dry pastries as dessert. Serve chilled at 10°/12°C.

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