Our History

The story of Villa Schinosa is rooted in ancient winemaking traditions passed down through generations. True to this philosophy, we have joined the Federazione dei Vignaioli Indipendenti. As a leading wine entrepreneur, Don Ferdinando Capece Minutolo of the Dukes of San Valentino, the last of the heirs of a noble dynasty that dates back to time immemorial, began modernizing the company in 1960, based on the wise alchemy of ancient experience transferred to the modernity of today. A passionate sailor and shipowner, in addition to his love for this land, he also bequeathed his passion for the sea to his son Corrado, who has been leading the Villa Schinosa company since 2010. After the death of his father on February 1, 2019, Corrado Capece Minutolo renewed his commitment to the company’s productive activities, taking care of both commercial relationships in Italy and the technical aspects, vinification, and bottling.

If the noble coat of arms with the rampant lion has always been a distinctive part of the Villa Schinosa brand, what truly characterizes our products are three terms inherent in our corporate “DNA”:

Tradition Innovation and Passion.


Tradition is manifested in the hereditary transmission of our know-how from father to son, ensuring rigorous control at every stage of production and transformation, from the vineyard to the bottle. Our dedication is reflected in the exclusive selection and vinification of the grapes grown on our lands, guaranteeing a product that embodies the purity and integrity of our tradition.


For us, innovation is a path distinct from globalization, focused on the use of cutting-edge production processes and the involvement of a young and qualified team. This approach allows us to oversee the entire production chain while promoting the cultural growth of consumers, both Italian and international, towards our highly prized Apulian wines.


Passion is the cornerstone that animates our work, allowing us to infuse our products with a distinctive Italian style that is increasingly appreciated by our clientele. This commitment translates into a tangible reward, expressed in the superior quality and uniqueness of the products we create, a result we recognize as the fruit of our love for winemaking.


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