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Villa Schinosa

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We pursue our work with passion, looking towards the future while never forgetting our past.

Nero di Troia - Villa Schinosa

Nero di Troia

The Nero di Troia Red Puglia IGP from Villa Schinosa encapsulates the historic soul and oenological richness of North-Central Puglia, offering a sensory journey back to ancient times. This grape variety, linked to the legends of Troy and introduced to Italy during the Hellenic era, finds in the lands of Villa Schinosa the ideal terrain to express its magnificence fully. Nero di Troia presents a deep ruby red color, enriched with orange and purple hues that prelude a bouquet of violet and black fruit, with a lightly spiced touch.



The Primitivo Red Puglia IGP from Villa Schinosa is a jewel of Apulian viticulture, telling the story of a deeply rooted vine variety known for its early ripening. Present in Puglia’s vineyards since the 18th century, Primitivo, the twin of Californian and Australian Zinfandel, embodies the power and intensity of Southern Italy. Harvested at the cusp of summer’s end, this wine is developed through careful maceration and fermentation that highlight its rich blackberry fruit notes and spicy accents.


Moscato di Trani

Villa Schinosa’s Moscato di Trani DOP is the emblem of Apulian winemaking excellence, a sweet wine that encapsulates centuries of history and tradition. This grape variety, likely of Greek origin and spread throughout the Mediterranean, finds in Trani, with its specific Controlled Designation of Origin obtained in 1987, an ideal habitat thanks to calcareous soils and a microclimate that enhances its peculiarities.

San Valentino - Villa Schinosa

San Valentino

The San Valentino Magnum Red Puglia IGP Selection from Villa Schinosa is wine that showcases the uniqueness of an extraordinary blend of Nero di Troia, Merlot, and Syrah. This wine, characterized by the floral notes of violet from the Troia grape intertwined perfectly with the vegetal notes of Merlot, creates a unique and captivating olfactory profile, leading to an elegant and harmonious structure supported by refined and appealing tannins.

Fiano - Villa Schinosa


The Fiano White Puglia IGP from Villa Schinosa is a tribute to winemaking tradition, carrying the history and elegance of an ancient grape variety introduced by the Greeks. Grown on the tuffaceous-calcareous soils of Contrada Schinosa, this wine best expresses the intrinsic qualities of Fiano, offering complexity and structure that promise evolution over time.

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Villa Schinosa

The Estate

The history of Villa Schinosa is rooted in ancient winemaking traditions passed down through generations. With tenacity and great determination, the latest heir, Corrado Capece Minutolo, continues his journey towards achieving new goals, blending tradition and innovation with the strength and foresight to believe in his work.

Through guided tours, tastings, and refined pairings, we will lead you to discover our wines, small prestigious productions from unique territories, to live an unforgettable experience in safe and sophisticated settings.


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